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Should you consult with a financial planner?

Financial planners and financial advisors are essentially the same thing. A financial planner can help you with a variety of things including retirement planning, investing, insurance, and more. If you have plans to retire in the future and arenít quite sure how to make sure that you will have enough for the rest of your years than you might consider contacting a financial planner. Planners can help you set up 401(k)s which reduce your taxable income every year and provide you with a nice cushion. If you have a 401(k) every time you receive a paycheck a chosen amount will be deducted from it and placed into your 401(k). Often your employers will match your contribution and since the contribution is deducted off your pay you do not have to pay taxes on it. If you wait until you are over sixty years of age to start withdrawing funds from the 401(k) then often you will find that you wonít have to pay taxes then either. Over the years these 401(k)s can develop into quite the large sum and they can provide for you and your loved ones after you retire.

If youíre looking into purchasing insurance than a financial advisor or planner can help you delve through the myriad of policies available to you. There are life insurance policies, family insurance policies, term policies, level rate policies, home insurance policies, and more. Your planner can help you decide whether or not you would like your policy to be renewable or if you should purchase a more expensive but safer permanent policy. They can help you figure out what kind of benefits you might need should you actually have to call for the benefits offered and whether or not you should purchase insurance for your entire family or just select members. If youíre looking to invest than planners can help you choose the safest way for you to do so. If youíre looking for short term secure gains they may recommend CDs which are certificates of deposit. These are guaranteed investments because the FDIC will cover them should your bank fail. They run in terms and as long as you keep your money in the deposit until the end of the term you will receive the full interest but if you decide you need the money earlier you will lose some or all of the interest. The terms can run from a number of months to several years and with longer terms comes higher interest rates.

However if you have to take the money out earlier taking a longer term with a higher interest rate can be all for naught so consider your choices before you make them. Your planner can be your best friend when attempting many of these endeavors and you can find a planner if you donít have one by searching the web or by using your local yellow pages. Frequently there will even be reviews online that you may check so you know youíre working with the best you can be. website owner does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content available on website. All information in this site is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. web site owner shall not be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, and misprints and shall be held totally harmless individually. is an independent provider of links to news articles. is entirely committed to protecting the privacy of its mediapartners and their users. We use a browser feature known as a cookie. One way our cookies are useful is that they help to improve and personalize your experience by increasing a page's responsiveness and decreasing time between downloading as you browse or surf through the site. Additionally, a pixel tag is delivered with the newsfeeds themselves to organize information about online activity as a means to create anonymous profiles that reflect content preferences. No personally identifiable information is stored or collected. Any suggestions, please email us.
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